Thursday, June 25, 2009


Rushing hour...there's only 2 minutes left! I'm gonna break the red light, ignore the trailers and squeezes the accelerator for my sake...arriving, Sopey, Biha, Arip and Pok Nik still at the ground floor...
" What's up??? Why don't you all get up?" I'm a little confused.
"We all don't have keys-lah Jib..." Sopey sigh. " Cik Iza also upstairs...still waiting,hahaha~"
What in earth happen? I forced myself to not be wild because of this tiny unlucky. Patience, patience...(walaupon tadi dah nak separa-hidup merempit...huh~).

Staircase detailing...I've spent 3 days to work it until now. What exactly is going on me? Why I can't performed like I'd really are? What happened to me?

First thing...I'm urgently on call to started work last Tuesday. I'm not really interested to start early. Maybe I'm not agree with that, so its effected my performance(tak berkat!).

Another thing...I like to think. That's not really shows that I'm a perfectionist, but all the information I need is not enough to make me doing well. Who's did it before this? Sigh~whoever it is, I don't want to know...I just do it...without knowing it will cause me trouble on the next day...

Two days...I just settle up the typical section, until...
"Najib, tak jadilah potong yang tu...ubah ke depan sikit section line, baru cantik. tp susah sikitla," Kak Linda suggest me. What the....
"Oklah...saya cuba." trying to hide emotion. Suddenly...

"NAJIB...ko tengah buat apa?" Norman ask with his "angry voice", enough to break my heartbeat.
"Err...tengah buat detail staircase. Section dah nk siap, tapi nk kena ubah balik sebab tak best pulak..." trembling!
"Dari semalam tangga-tangga-tangga...main-main hah.." dia dah mula daaahhhh...siot... :(

Its okay, I've been invincible with his murmuring...Actually I'm not afraid of him, but because I am new, I've got to make sure nothing will ruined Norman's mood. At least for a month. the next day...

Same question.

"NAJIB!ko buat apa?" Norman ask with his "angry voice", enough to break my heartbeat again.
"Detail stairca..." then he cut me out.

to be continued...susah betul nak abeskan yang ni...haihh~

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