Thursday, May 17, 2012


The most happiness 'crit' day of my life. After three weeks of struggling, back and forth, leaving all normal life aside, and it worth with full excitement. Big thanks also to my beloved supervisor for supported me when my tongue frozen. All critiques, comments, ideas and compliments made by all 3+1 panels yesterday will be an 'adrenaline' to triggers my passion.

A single failure doesn't make you worst, but it's a 'real-time reminder' to strive you up when you idle in the safe zone. Just keep those momentum, do not lose it. You still got your final crit to be finish.

Syukran alhamdulillah...after all, everything just leave it to The Creator to decide when you know you have give the best what it need to be done...:)

p/s : thanks to both of 'you' for filled me up when I'm broke.