Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Hmmm...semalam yang ribut,berganti-alih kat orang lain. Ive been more better,and now its turn to my friend. I felt sorry to her, and i felts so sorry because she is too far from me...another continent. If not, i'll get to her as soon as possible to help her...she is kind to me,although I have never met her yet...

Get up,and be strong!

And today, I get a good news...she tell me that her tutor was misunderstood about her thesis...and another thing,she also misunderstood about what was she doing exactly. What a...whew~that's why I'm a little bit confuse about what were she's thinking...*smile*

Now every things gonna be okay, and she has got to be clear about her program...and I can get to work with my full concentration...lol~

Good luck and take care!

I was wondering...how can i get into someone that I don't know and scared about what are shes thinking...?


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