Sunday, December 27, 2009


Bus crash horror
10 killed as double-decker rams into road divider 2009/12/27 Jaspal Singh and Minderjeet Kaur

IPOH: Ten passengers were killed and two others injured when a double-decker Sani Express bus skidded and hit the road divider at Km272.8 of the North-South Expressway, 8km after the Ipoh Selatan toll plaza, at 1am yesterday.

Mutilated bodies were sprawled on the road and in the lower deck of the bus, some decapitated while others with their limbs torn apart due to the massive impact.

“The bus had skidded onto the road barrier to the left and veered to the divider on the right before coming to a halt,” state traffic police chief Superintendent Wan Abdullah Ishak said.

He said the metal barrier on the left side of the road pierced the left side of the bus, and this was probably what caused the deaths and injuries. The dead have been identified as :

Noor Jismi Noordin, 25, from Kangar;
Musa@Ismail Abdullah, 64, from Gurun;
Mohd Shukri Mohd Ali, 22, and Mohd Bilal Osman,
22, both from Sungai Besar, Selangor;
Shaharin Mohd Noor, 61, and Supiah Adam, 46, from Klang;
sisters Sharifah Raheel Aljunid Syed Harun, 21, and Sharifah Hasanah Aljunid, 15, from Sungai Petani;
and Ng Poh Ngoh, 23, and her brother Ng Kah Kit, 14, from Alor Star.

The injured were army major Mohd Razip Fadzir, 43, from Kangar, who suffered broken ribs and Siti Mulina Hashim, 30, from Langgar, Kedah, who received outpatient treatment for light injuries on the face and body.

The 38-year-old driver has been remanded for five days to facilitate investigations.

mr_bread said: another bad dad sister-in-law(Zaiton Adam) older sister's...Al-Fatihah to all allahyarham-allahyarhamah... May Allah blessed them...


the YellowishBlue said...

innalillahi wainnailaihi ajiuun. Semoga ALlah tempatkn mereka di kalangan org2 yg sholeh dan sholeheh inshaAllah. Ameen.

Joo, stay strong yeh. Lately im quite busy and unhealthy but i'm hearing you.:)

mr_bread said...

:) i'm fine...just a lil bit shocked jer.thanks 4 your concern~appreciate it :)

me oso busyla,tekak xbrp sehat,asek2 pening saje...cuace xnentu kot,hehe..