Sunday, November 22, 2009

-your eyes-

written by goldenacorn93 dedicated to blondatheart2815...sweet~ :)

Your Eyes
What do I see
when I look into your eyes?
I see many things out there
that make me feel many things.
When you are curious
I am filled with wonder;
what do you see that fills you with amazement?
will it harm you, anger you,
or make you happy?
I wish with everything that it be the last one;
something that we can both share and play with.
When you are sad
I feel a hole inside me,
a hole that can only be filled by you, your happiness
I want to make you happy again,
I will do everything I can to make you smile once again.
When you laugh
it fills me up, and I am overflowing
with pure joy.
I want to spin you around and around, hold you close,
to show you how much your giggle brightens my world.
When you smile
my world is complete,
for I know that you are content
and I want to smile right along with you,
and nothing can ruin this moment that we share together.
When I look into your eyes
I see my everything,
my present and my future,
In your eyes I see myself reflected back in them,
I see myself, standing with you,
spending my time with you,
holding your hand,
and that is all that I want.
And all the lyrics
of all the love songs
in all the whole wide world
cannot compare
to what we say to each other
when we simply
hold hands together.


addicted to wall-e...:)

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