Sunday, April 11, 2010


While I'm preparing my gears,my daddy asked me a favour,"Jo, amik gamba atok tu...pastu psot post kat dalam pesbuk." "Ok!" taking back my Triban and trying to shoot under low light with my new Cal .35mm...


...Ok. Quite hard because under low-light I have to be static as I could. And the result is average-la. Then at home, when I playback on big screen(which computer), wow....its got 'kembung' all around the frame...

Oh, this is the time to play with photoshop. Practicing on filter "Lens Correctino Correction" as I read a long time ago. Well, I think it's worth when it came into such planar subject. Like this...

Allahyarham Abu Bakar bin Dusun (grandpa)

Allahyarhamah Norasiah binti Abu Bakar (Makngah)

I dont remember this...seems like my late-grandma

Norehan binti Abu Bakar, standing 3rd from right(a.k.a. Maklang)

...See the difference? It's fun(for me) to made a little bit 'correction' on photograph...see that? Small correction or alteration is ok, not 'brutalized' it. In this case, it's really have to take seriously because lens distortion is VERY ANNOYING for me. In such case...

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