Sunday, August 14, 2011

-Moreh Dash-

Pak Tam's Pohpiah Basah

Pak Tam's Pohpiah Goreng

Wak & Dudee's Apple Pies

...and last but not least, Raju's Baked Elicoidali Cheese...

Well, quite tough to shopped at Alamanda. I have to runaway in two different hypermarket to find the right ingredients. And the right price also...Carrefour - Cold Storage - Carefour...*sheeeshhh,dahla hujung ke hujung pulak tu.*
Anyway, at least I'd made it nearly possibility to find the right ingredient since I'm in Malaysia, which is not Italy. Ricotta cheese - too pricy. So I use cream cheese. Marinara? Don't have time to prepare, I just use recon spaghetti sauce. Ziti pasta(Penne) too small for me? Nah, I use Elicoidali (click here for detail). There's so much info about tubular pasta, click here for some info. Haa, it's just tubular. Yes. Not include for shells,sheets and so forth. Over hundred types of pasta known. I need to learn Italian for next 3rd language subject maybe.

Where are we again?

Oh, then after Terawikh prayer me and my brother assist for making sauce and I prepared others. Actually, I'd love to show my parents and served them, especially my dad. You know, he's very 'choosy' when it came to me about cooking. Nah, the only way for me to know either my dish is good, is when he became 'speechless' and tambah and tambah Thanks dad.

Well, tonight is my special night. Everyone chill. It's an honor. An award.

Mission accomplished.

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